Lexus prepares drivable IS full-size origami replica with electric motor

Lexus recently sought out a team of designers to sculpt and assemble the Origami vehicle, a full-scale model of Lexus’ newest IS sedan, to celebrate the craftsmanship involved in their design.


The takumi are considered masters of their respective trades and, when joining the company, have to undergo a manual dexterity test which consists of making a folded-paper cat using only the non-dominant hand.

“What makes it a sculptural piece rather than an engineering piece because we have to make adaptations like that and it’s not ideal in a CAD sense, it’s got a human touch in it. And I think that’s what Lexus liked about it as well; it’s a link back to their origami”, said Daniel Ryan, from company Laser Cut Works. “The Origami vehicle takes the spirit of this talent to a far higher level, while also embracing the spirit of Lexus’s Creating incredible global brand campaign”, said the Japanese automaker.

The Origami vehicle was created in partnership with LaserCut Works and Scales and Models, with a team of five professional designers and modelers.

Ruben Marcos of Scales and Models (left) and Daniel Ryan of LaserCut Works, pose next to the full-size origami inspired Lexus IS Saloon (right) they help build, as it is unveiled at Toyota’s Headquarters in Surrey.

Lexus provided the teams with a digital 3D model of the IS, which was then portioned off into a series of principal parts, including the main body, seats, and wheels.

It was made using “slices” of cardboard glued together. “Just like Lexus, we were committed to producing the best possible quality.” explained Ruben Marcos, the Scales and Models Company founder and director.

Accuracy was vital, as changes couldn’t be made once the glue had dried.


The cardboard auto will be revealed to the public at the Grand Designs Live show in Birmingham, London on October 8.

Lexus creates working full size vehicle made of CARDBOARD to show off origami