Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager Offers Immediate Support for Microsoft

After all, it’s the only browser installed by default (well, I guess you could also count the old and decrepit Internet Explorer, which still lingers around for compatibility purposes). Has it won the critics over?


Microsoft is set to make records and recapture its lost market with the arrival of the new Windows 10. Although it’s “technically possible” to retain your previous settings and defaults, Beard believes that somehow Microsoft has buried these settings somewhere deep in the operating system that makes it hard to get to.

Mozilla wants the twitterati to join its protestThe letter includes a lightly veiled threat of anti-trust action in Beard’s claim that “we are deeply disappointed to see Microsoft take such a dramatic step backwards”.

He planned to hang out at the store all day for its kickoff events, which included free workshops, giveaways and a meet-and-greet with former Dallas Cowboys player Deion Sanders.

In addition to an appealing user interface, the newly rolled out Windows 10 also features a separate tablet mode that can be automatically triggered by attaching or removing a keyboard. By comparison, the launch of Windows 8 doesn’t even compare. “…Windows 10 is going to create some serious havoc with regards to the user experience”. The operating system will act more like a service from now on, regularly updating, adding new features, and optimizing itself. It is also notable that upgrading to the new OS version does not uninstall competitors’ web-surfing software. You can look back on Windows 8 and say that it was a flop for all sort of market-driven reasons, but the real truth is that it was technologically incomplete. I’m not thinking I’ll use Task View (pictured below) and Virtual Desktops much, if at all.

Microsoft’s meagre presence in the mobile world (Windows is only on 3% of smartphones) could still easily be its critical shortfalling though, and the company’s increased presence on platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android may not be enough to win over consumers.

Cortana is present in various places in Windows 10 – and Edge is no exception. “I think this company is headed in the right direction”. “The “real” Windows 10 launch will come this fall when Microsoft delivers more Windows 10 features, and can tout new first-party and PC-partner-made Windows 10 machines”. We tested Windows 8.1 against Windows 10.

If this is making you want to read even more on your new browser, you’re in luck.

There were no surprises, no disasters and in every case the devices seemed to work faster.


These are some of the most useful, but tech blog TechNet has a few more here. “Firefox and Chrome have both supported web extensions for years, and it feels like a miss not to have these available in Edge at launch”.

Windows 10 task switcher