Lines form outside DC Apple store for iPhone 6s

Set up firm iFixit, which has already dismantled the 6s to investigate its internal components, said the size of the battery had been reduced from the iPhone 6 and speculated that this was to accommodate the Taptic Engine.


The landmark new feature with the 6s is 3D touch, which tends to work something like a right-click for your phone. This technology allows the new phones’ touch screens to detect how hard users are pressing on the screen. Apple improved the Touch ID sensor so that it could recognize fingerprints quicker than it did before.

The YouTube channel FoneFox put the iPhone 6s Plus through its bend-related paces to see what improvements had been made.

Fans lined up at the AT&T store inside Colony Square Mall Friday morning, to become the first owners of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

There’s no reason, though, that last year’s iPhone 6 Plus couldn’t have gotten cursor control support by using two fingers.

Analysts expect 12 million to 13 million phones to fly off the shelves in the first weekend, up from more than 10 million past year when the hugely successful iPhone 6’s launch was delayed in China, the world’s biggest smartphone market.

The teardown also discovered that the iPhone 6S is 15g heavier because of the addition of more capacitive sensors for the 3D Touch feature. Apple’s newest incarnation is the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus models. In iPhone 6S, the company decided to make slimmer as iPhone 6 and stronger than iPhone 6. “The new camera is meant to be amazing”.

This will only add to the news that Apple revealed this week that iOS 9, which is installed on iPhone 6S, is the fastest when it comes to adoption rates. The iPhone 6s Plus starts at $750 without a contract.



“You can get an iPhone 6s for as little as a dollar if you trade in your iPhone 6″. An iPhone 7 – likely to be launched about this time next year, if Apple follows its usual plan – will likely drum up more excitement.

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