Lisa Robin Kelly Death: Drugs Not Involved

lisa-robin-kelly-dead-at-43On Wednesday, the former ‘That 70’s Show’ star, Lisa Robin Kelly, died of mysterious causes. The initial shock from her fans, friends and family still remains because they have not yet found out why the actress died so suddenly. At the time of her death, Kelly wasn’t taking any withdrawal drugs that would cause any issues. This information was found out from the rehab facility that she was admitted to. On Sunday, Kelly was admitted to a rehab facility when she blew a .34 blood alcohol level. This is fatal to many people. Since then, there has not been a problem with treatment.


The former TV star’s room had no alcohol or drugs inside along with no vomit or signs of trauma. While at Pax Rehab House in Altadena California, the rehab clinic her boyfriend took her to, they administered no drugs and simply gave her shelter there. The entire death is labeled a mystery as of now and many are wondering what could have caused such a problem.

Lisa Robin Kelly was 43 years old and during her time in the rehab clinic to sober up, she passed away in her sleep. This was a battle that the star couldn’t win. After many 134953-lisa-robin-kellyyears of DUIs and domestic abuse charges, she decided that it was a good time to clean up her life. Many fans are really upset over this because of the fact that she was finally going to get her life back on track. Apparently, this was not the plan and was completely out of her hands. The official cause of death was cardiac arrest and still the doctors are confused on what brought it on.

In the past 3 years, Kelly was arrested 4 times for DUI. The actress seemed that she didn’t care about her life and that it was easier to take the route that didn’t require any thinking. What is strange to many is that she had a chance to change her life and took it, yet she still suffered for it. Many felt that this was her chance to really turn things around for herself Cardi B..


The boyfriend of Kelly is blaming ex-husband, Robert Gilliam, for the relapse and that she wasn’t herself. The family and friends of the star are deeply saddened by the sudden death of their loved one and are seeking to have an autopsy performed to get to the bottom of the mystery.