Louis jobless rate falls to 5 percent

Jobless claims in September rose by 2,000, adjusted for seasonal effects, disappointing economists’ forecasts of a monthly drop of 4,500.


The higher unemployment rate at both national and urban level was mainly explained by the contraction in the employment rate, while the participation rate remained stable and advanced 0.2pp, respectively.

Unemployment in Germany increased in September, according to data released Wednesday by the Federal Labor Agency. In the corresponding month previous year, the rate was 5.0%. Raleigh’s seasonally adjusted rate was 4.9 percent, up from 4.8 percent, while Durham’s remained unchanged at 5 percent. Over the past 12 months, the Triangle has added 15,600 jobs.

RBC I After a rise in the Rio Blanco County unemployment rate between May and June, the jobless rate fell a full percentage point in July and is also below the rate for July 2014.

The government defines the unemployed as people who are looking for but unable to find work.


In the Triangle, “everybody that wants a job, and has the skills to take the jobs that are available today, is largely employed”, Vitner said. “We are supposed to be in a recovery – so many other indicators are up like gross domestic product, consumer sentiment and the personal savings rate – yet the percentage of people participating in the labor market is still declining”. That results from a mismatch between the skills employers need to fill open positions and the skills recent college graduates have, she said.

German unemployment unexpectedly rises in September