Maisie Williams to be brand-new character on ‘Doctor Who’

He is shocked that she’s there; he doesn’t say anything about the fact she’s a woman, so clearly that’s a very big statement.


Capaldi enjoyed that bit, laughing into the camera with costar Coleman.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — When viewers see Maisie Williams on the new season of “Doctor Who“, she’ll be a brand-new character, not someone from the Doctor’s past.

Moffat was (slightly) more forthcoming about who Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams will play on the show.

Season 9 of “Doctor Who, ” which stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, premieres September 19. We’ve already seen The Master regenerate into a woman (Michelle Gomez), and Moffat said that obviously sets the stage for The Doctor to potentially make the same change in the future. He just carries on talking.

This became part of a larger discussion on the possibility of having a female Doctor, not that we want to see Peter Capaldi leave any time soon. “I’m really excited about what Maisie gets to do in the show but it’ll take you a moment or two as you watch it to realize what we’re up to”. “I’m not making it inevitable and I’m not preventing it; I’m just saying ‘it’s possible, ‘” he explains to a small group of reporters.

“In my head, rationally it seems to me…You know how human beings are never fully male or female?” Maybe he’ll have a couple as a female. The science fiction of that would make sense to me. “I thought 11 regenerations after that, he might develop his musical skills a little”. I wish the politics of that would take a back seat and we could just talk about the art. Because it’s not really about that. “One movie instead of a whole series?” Someone whose face is so fascinating that you can’t take your eyes off them. At the same time, there certainly isn’t a shortage of female stars who also have that captivating appeal. “Yeah, she gives the Doctor a hard time”.


To be fair, Moffat said that was the quality that any Doctor needs to have. “I’m not going to tell you which one”. Ever since Williams was announced to appear on Doctor Whoback in March, some wondered whether her character was a regenerated/disguised version of someone from his past, like his granddaughter Susan or his daughter Jenny from the 10th Doctor episode “The Doctors Daughter.” However, now fans should toss those theories aside in favor of wracking their brains around how shell get involved with the Twelfth Doctor. “She’s becoming like him”.

'Doctor Who': Maisie Williams' character will be