Matt Barnes’ Teammate Tells Truth About Singer, Says She’s — Rihanna Instagram

The singer posted a screenshot of Barnes from the TMZ video on her Instagram account and included a caption full of hash tags that not only dumped him, but claimed he was lying about everything.


Barnes, appearing on The Jim Rome Show, just added another layer to the current he said, she said.

“I’m too grown to lie”, said Barnes. “I’m going to let this blow by like everything else blows by”. “You just got to keep stuff to yourself obviously”.

“I don’t agree with Rihanna”, Big Baby said. Follow Lectures to Beats on Facebook and Twitter.

“You live and you learn”.

“However, RiRi acted pretty quickly to shut that news item down, responding by posting a picture of Barnes with a blanked out face with the hashtags “#defamationofcharacter” and “#shesnotintoyouatall” underneath.

Unfortunatley, as you may or may not realize, Rihanna has access to the internet.

Last weekend, Barnes revealed in an interview with TMZ that he and Rihanna are past “the crush stage” in their relationship, telling photographers, “Rihanna’s my friend right now”. “I just smiled. I just smiled, that’s it”, Barnes said. “My upbringing just doesn’t allow me to have that kind of stuff in it. Life, sports whatever it is I’m just about the truth”.

Rihanna were feeling things out. “You know what I mean?”

“I saw her at the carnival and Lewis is so handsome”, Thompson admits, revealing, “When the time’s right, Robyn [Rihanna] will make a great mum-she loves kids”. So she heard about all this, got on Instagram, and crushed Matt Barnes like a bug.


According to sources close to the “Diamonds” singer, Rihanna is “seriously mad” at Barnes for claiming that there’s something romantic going on between them for fear that the “bulls***” dating rumors will have a negative impact on her growing relationship with Hamilton, Gossip Cop reports.

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