McConnell suggests possible bipartisan effort on Republican bill

Paralyzed Veterans for America wrote to senators last week urging them not to pass the Republican health care bill that would also put millions of other Americans at risk if Medicaid is scaled back. Steve Daines of Montana to let him know they oppose a Senate healthcare proposal that would cut funding for Medicaid expansion and cut the federal deficit. Many are working. 78 percent of Medicaid recipients are part of a household with at least one person is working full time. Medicaid benefits are also designed with children’s unique needs in mind to cover essential screenings and all the services that they need. So do 50 percent of nursing home residents and 40 percent of those who are disabled.


It makes no sense to undermine the only long-term care option available as our country undergoes a transformational demographic shift to an aging nation.

“The hope going forward is that we will be able to sit down at the table and talk about things that actually will impact health care costs”, she said.

The American Health Care Act would result in significant cuts to state Medicaid programs.

“The Senate Republican bill is a bad bill for lots of reasons, but in so many ways it’s like a wrecking ball”, Casey said. Since 1965, our Kansas Medicaid program has provided this for an ever-increasing number of children, more than 280,000. Drain the swamp? I don’t think so.

It has been seven years since the Democrat-controlled Congress and Obama administration signed into law the so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known by most as “Obamacare”.

After the Congressional Budget Office estimated that 23 million people would lose insurance coverage under the House plan, the Senate made clear it would write its own bill rather than voting on the House measure.

As I travel across all 56 counties, I hear story after story about Montanans’ experiences with health care.

With the avowed goal of mitigating the damage of market uncertainty, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has issued an executive order banning private insurers that withdraw from the state’s official health plan marketplace.

A lot of political campaign talk a year ago centered on job loss in the steel and coal sectors, but American communities with big health care companies could suffer similar fates.


Medicaid subsidies are one of the main sources of revenue for rural hospitals in the state and make up about 10 percent of their revenue statewide, according to the report.

Washington DC. The protest was organized by a wide array of progressive organizations and they are calling for a'People's Filibuster