Mermaids: Do They Exist?

Did a group of our ancestors take to sea as most stayed back at land to be shaped into Homo sapiens? Are the mythical creatures called mermaids real? Do they really exist? All these speculations were put to rest on Sunday night as Animal Planet premiered a movie on mermaids aptly called Mermaids: The New Evidence. For hundreds of years and even before, mermaids have been a part of our lives through folklore and stories that talk about half fish, half human creatures found in seas and oceans. Most of us do not give a damn to these stories and think of these creatures as mythical and fig of imagination at best.Mermaids



Governments kept their existence as a secret

Mermaids have often fascinated human beings but till now there had been no evidence to suggest that these humanoid forms living under water existed. The latest series being aired on The Animal Planet starts by showing new found evidence about these creatures. The series takes off from where Mermaids: The Body Found left the viewers. However, despite new evidence surfacing from different parts of the world confirming the existence of these sea creatures that resemble the mythical figure of mermaids, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration maintains that there is no such sea creature. What it is then that prompts people around the world to be talking about these humanoids living under the water and that too so convincingly?

There are experts who say that humans seem to be enchanted by these imaginary creatures because they represent the past history of the mankind. They seem to belong to ancient times where human beings once were, and bifurcated by moving on to landforms while mermaids chose to stay under water. The subject of mermaids is also exciting because it talks about our evolutionary past. The special show aired by the Animal Planet takes a view that is slightly different form hat of most of us. It makes us believe that mermaids are aquatic animals that are somehow related to human beings rather than being the mermaids that are talked about in a romantic manner in different cultures around the world.


The series is based on new found evidence

It is surprising that this new series of mermaids could be made in such short time after the earlier series Mermaids: Therainbow-mermaids Body Found. This is reflective of the fact that there has been a growing body of evidence that has been supportive of the existence of mermaids. This is the body of evidence that has come up after the making of the earlier series on mermaids. This new series that premiered on Sunday has such compelling evidence about the existence of mermaids like creatures that it got millions of people talking about these aquatic creatures on various social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.


The captivating footage shown in the series has silenced even the critics into submission and those who have seen the series are forced to accept the existence of these aquatic creatures.