Microsoft Finally Fixes Windows 10 Bug That Broke Down the Store

Fitbit has upgraded its Windows app for the latest Windows 10 operating system. Including NASCAR, that is.


During the upgrade process, your old Windows instance is stored on the PC, allowing you to roll back should Windows 10 not fit your fancy.

There are several features that Fitbit has implemented on the new Windows OS that make it a solid app. “Twenty two lucky winners got the VIP experience of their lives – including a visit from Dale Earnhardt Jr”, Redmond says in the description of the video.

Microsoft Windows 10 comes with yet another caveat.

It looks like Microsoft has gotten a handle on the problems that were plaguing the App Store in Windows 10. Or continue the conversation in the Windows 10 Forums.

Calling Microsoft’s blatant sharing “troubling”, Greg Wasson, program manager for ICSA Lab, said in an interview with that he hopes the company just overlooked its privacy policy. A software giant scanning your PC to determine what software you have installed, and whether that’s pirated or not, is getting into a really grey area. In addition, Notification Center consolidates all your notifications and messages into a single tab, where you can easily review progress and find motivation in the form of cheers, taunts, and encouragements from friends and family.

Microsoft has previously said that it won’t release a full version of Windows 10 for Windows RT devices, and this latest announcement doesn’t change that. When a user chooses to make Firefox their default browser, the Windows 10 taskbar uses the same search engine as Firefox. Because Microsoft has at least partially broken the cycle of people buying new computers to get a new version of Windows, manufacturers won’t see the same bump in sales they might otherwise have received from a new release.

Under “App updates” disable the toggle under “Update apps automatically”. Data Sense allows users to avoid cellular data overage charges by tracking their data usage, placing restrictions on background data and reducing the impact of browsing the Web by compressing images, blocking ads and fetching Web pages in parts rather than in their entirety.


On the 11th of August, we heard from the Redmond giant that they would be rolling out a fix for this problem via Windows Update within 48 hours.

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