Microsoft releases new version of Office

The new software adds what Microsoft calls modern attachments to its Outlook e-mail and calendar app. Instead of static attached files, which run the risk of missing changes made since they were sent, workers can set a link to a file that will always contain the latest version.


Office 2016 apps with Office 365 deliver new capabilities for better enterprise security and protection.

Office remains Microsofts single biggest product, with sales of $23.5 billion in the latest fiscal year.

The Office 2016 suite comes with 1 tera-byte of OneDrive cloud storage which will be soon scaled up to unlimited space, according to Alok Lall, director of Microsoft Office Division, India.

Office 2016 is here. A one-time purchase for both PCs and Macs is also an option.

Reports of Microsoft charging for access to its Office for iPad apps surfaced this week after ArsTechnica deep dived into the terms associated with Microsoft Office apps available in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. Microsoft announced Tuesday that it has begun offering GigJam in a private beta, and it plans to make it available in Office 365 sometime next year.

Office 2016 is about reinventing productivity and business processes for the mobile-first, cloud-first world”.

Apple unveiled at its September 9 event earlier this month the brand new iPad Pro, a new device that’s pushing the company towards the productivity side of the market more than ever.

Of course, the promotion is only good for a year – users have to pay the full $70 for an Office 365 Personal subscription once their promotional period is up.

With Office 2016, your documents can travel with you across devices and the most recently used documents list allows users to pick up right where they left.

From today, Office 365 subscribers can download the new Office 2016 apps as part of their subscription and automatic updates will roll out to consumer and small-business subscribers from next month. Casual users can also get Office for free on Windows, but it’s a touch-optimized version with limited features, including a restriction that only one document can be opened at once.

A key feature of the new release is simplified collaboration. Rent the Warehouse also performs warehouse management using Office 365. That collection of connected apps includes Outlook 2016.


At the enterprise level, Microsoft is providing built-in data loss prevention functionality that allows centralized IT administration, as well as multifactor user authentication.

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