Microsoft’s New Wearable Tech Leaked

The original Band by Microsoft was released on October 2014 for $199 apiece.


The Microsoft Band is not really seen as a stylish wearable device.

The first-generation Microsoft Band was an interesting wearable, but due to deficiencies in design it didn’t pass the comfort test for numerous people who bought and reviewed the device.

The upcoming Microsoft Band 2 will feature a curved display, according to images from Spanish site Microsoft Insider.

It also sports a magnetically coupled USB charging connector.

This new look may help Microsoft boost the Band’s initially lacklustre adoption among wearable enthusiasts. It will also feature a UV monitor, time and stopwatch functions, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and even the ability to check Facebook and Twitter updates.

The Band 2.0 is much more attractive than the previous Band, with a curved design.

This is not everything that the tech blog could say about the Microsoft Band 2. Hence the new band may not be very comfortable to put on when typing or doing other kind of desk work. It makes a huge difference in the design while making the Microsoft Band 2 a whole lot easier on the eyes. Microsoft’s Health app is available on all three major smartphone platforms.

The buttons on the side of the screen also offer increased precision, particularly during intense physical activities when wearers may not be able to press it correctly.

We’ve rounded up everything there is to know so far so you can decide if the Microsoft Band 2 is going to be something worthy of your wrist space.


Microsoft is expected to unveil its new Microsoft band 2 that bears the Codename “Evvoy” this coming October 6. But Microsoft hopefully has more tricks up its sleeve than just tracking how winded one gets after running the stairs at the local high school. WindowsCentral claims that there will be a new feature that can measure “height of an exercise”.