Microsoft WIndows 10 Upgrade News: New Operating System Already Installed on

You can then download Windows 10 to your device and Microsoft will notify you when it’s ready.


The terms now explicitly state Microsoft can release updates that could have some serious consequences.

It’s unclear what the company means with unauthorized hardware peripheral devices, it could be that the company will disable e.g. However, it is likely that not all of the users who have already received the new OS have had the chance to thoroughly check how it differs from their previous Windows versions.

No doubt, Windows 10 is a new approach for Microsoft. You can also have it automatically adjust the color to match your desktop background, which is pretty neat. But Microsoft Windows has long been an island of disconnect from the Internet economy, for better or worse. The following is an instruction on how a Windows 7 or 8.1 user can upgrade to Windows 10, as well as a list of common error messages that users have complained about over the weekend as they have attempted to upgrade. You can also click “Choose which folders appear on Start” to add shortcuts to your personal folders, like Documents or Music, as well as your Network drives or Personal folder.

It’s a 3GB download, but if you have Windows 8.1 with automatic updates enabled, Windows 10 may already have been downloading quietly in the background and should load fairly quickly when you choose to upgrade.

Now, simply visit this page on Microsoft’s website and select the Windows 10 edition you’d like to download. Now, having to use an Windows 8.1 for over 10 hours in office everyday, I have different thoughts about everything that this version gave me as new.

Perhaps not the most mind-blowing new feature ushered in with Windows 10 but plenty of you are going to find it useful anyway; you can pin a Recycle Bin shortcut to the Start menu for the very first time (Windows 8 didn’t even have a Start menu of course).

In an effort to take on nimbler, newer competitors like Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft has banished its bloated and dated Internet Explorer browser from the start screen, replacing it with a leaner, faster browser called Edge.

Customizing the tiles is easy: click and drag them to rearrange them, or right-click them to unpin them from the Start menu altogether. Experts advise using the custom installation options and using the feedback and diagnostics usage toggle to opt out of sharing data (Start->Settings->Privacy: Set diagnostic and usage data to Basic). This will affect other parts of Windows as well, but primarily the Start menu.


“Since its inception more than 20 years ago, the Windows Start menu has been the anchor point for launching apps and getting users to the content they care about”.

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