Missing man’s texts show concern for being framed for murder

Jeffrey Navin, 56, and Jeanette Navin, 55, of Easton, were reported missingAug.


The Hartford Courant reports police have requested the assistance of the medical examiner’s office to analyze items discovered while sifting through thousands of pounds of ash brought to Putnam from trash-to-energy plants across the state.

Kyle Navin allegedly responded “oh stop”.

The warrant alleges that investigators conducted a court-authorized search of Kyle Navin’s cell phone and reviewed numerous text messages that discussed Navin’s use of heroin, oxycodone and Xanax.

He will appear in court again on Friday to determine if he will remain behind bars while the case is pending.

New details in the unusual disappearance of a wealthy husband and wife in Easton, Connecticut, paint a weird picture of a man fearing that his own son was attempting to frame him for a murder – a son who was soon arrested on an unrelated gun charge and whose behavior on the day his parents vanished has raised suspicions, though he has yet to be charged with anything related to their vanishing.

Search warrants reveal that no phone calls have been made from the couple’s cellphones since the day they disappeared.

Take a look at the transcript:12:39 p.m., Jeffrey: I’m not going home till I know mom is okay. Police have even scoured through nearby landfills looking for possible human bodies or body parts, but none were found. In the series of 19 text messages, Jeffrey Navin asked his son if he hurt his mother.

Last time the couple was seen.

Twice, Navin told investigators that he met one or both of his parents at the park-and-ride off the Merritt Parkway in Westport.

Two hours later, a security camera video also captured Jeffrey Navin’s garbage truck being driven toward the couple’s home late that afternoon with the vehicle of Kyle’s girlfriend following behind, the affidavit said.

A couple of minutes later, in response to the courtroom paperwork, Jeffrey Navin responded, “U R setting me up“.

The son also shopped at Home Depot the day after his parents went missing, according to the court documents – purchasing bleach, stain remover and cleanup bags, authorities said.

“I go home and get framed for murder”, the father wrote.

Investigators searching Kyle’s home seized numerous bags with heroin residue, hypodermic needles, empty prescription bottles for oxycodone and prescription bottles containing other controlled substances and a receipt from a firearms shooting range that was issued on August 5.

Kyle Navin is arrested and detained on federal gun charges.

Since then, Easton police have been in daily contact with all of the agencies involved, Shaw said. Kyle Navin is the company’s operations manager. According to police, Kyle was the last person to see the couple.


“Financial issues recently reported by the media have not been proven to be a factor for our family members’ disappearance”, the family said in a statement released August 13 by the Easton Police Department.

Yellow police tape surrounds a house in Bridgeport owned by Kyle Navin the son of missing Easton couple Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin. — John Kovach HAN Network