Mission Impossible 6 Release Date: Tom Cruise Says Filming Begins Next Year

Mission: ImpossibleRogue Nation” is fastidiously cut from the same cloth as its predecessors and features all the requisite punching, heisting and double-crossing you’ve come to expect from Cruise and Co.


“We’ll probably start shooting it next summer”, Cruise continued.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is now showing in theaters everywhere.

Throughout the Mission: Impossible series, Cruise’s Ethan Hunt has remained a total cipher. The original “Mission: Impossible” hit theaters back in 1996, and follow-up installments launched in 2000, 2006, and 2011 before this summer’s release. This latest information comes from series star, Tom Cruise.

It’s been gratifying to see the movies grow closer to the style and tone of the classic 1960s TV show with each successive entry, and Rogue Nation (from a story by McQuarrie and Drew Pearce) is the clearest effort yet to mimic the show’s ineffable stylistic tics. Each subsequent film was helmed by a new director who added his own personal brand: John Woo’s liberal use of slow-motion cinematography, J.J. Abrams’s labyrinthine blend of flashbacks and double-crossing, Brad Bird’s light touch with action that turned climbing the Burj Khalifa into a high-wire comedy act.

Once again, Tom Cruise affirms his potency as a movie hero-not literally invincible but willing to take chances even a comic book character might hesitate to try. Collectively, the franchise has earned more than $739 million at the U.S. box office from the four previous films, and more than $2 billion worldwide. Perhaps more than any of the M:I directors so far, McQuarrie understandsthe unique properties of this singular movie star-his ascetic intensity, his sometimes-scary moral certainty, his always-scary drive to excel. Joining the cast this time around are Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson who was also at the world premiere. You have to feel bad for Jeremy Renner who mostly stands around talking this time, despite being seemingly groomed to replace Cruise in Ghost Protocol.

There will be a sixth one, as long as Cruise doesn’t find zealously playing an International Monetary Fund agent isn’t risky business.


Cruise may be 53 years old, but he’s clearly more than up for this kind of physicality, occasionally removing his shirt to remind us how fit he is.

Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation Movie Still