‘Mission: Impossible Rouge Nation’ Tom Cruise Zooms on a Bike

If all goes to plan that could mean the next Mission: Impossible film will hit cinemas quite soon – at least compared to the lengthy breaks the franchise’s fans have had to endure in the past. The duo previously worked on film Edge of Tomorrow.


Instead, he gets a new package of death-defying stunts to perform-being blasted against a auto by a rocket launcher, perhaps, or hanging off a sheer cliff with no wires to support him. Ferguson, who trained intensely for weeks for the physicality she displayed in the film’s fighting scenes, called the experience “exhausting, exhilarating and… intoxicating”, adding: “Now I’m sort of decommissioning, realizing what actually has happened”. The screenplay is as clever, exciting and action-packed as you would expect from a “Mission: Impossible” movie, involving spies, exotic locals and ridiculously high stakes.

Right from the start, our hero Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is an outsider.

McQuarrie said Pegg was “able to really invest the script with a sense of impossibility and adventure – but also with character and things that made the characters more relatable and more real”.

The IMF in question here is not the worldwide Monetary Fund-that would be a very different thriller-but the Impossible Missions Force, a secret governmental entity tasked with the solemn duty to … do stuff that can’t be done.

Rogue Nation” has just come out in theatres in the UK.


Cruise somersaults, punches and tumbles through every frame without breaking sweat, while Pegg, who was pigeon-holed as comic relief in the previous instalment, steps up in a pivotal supporting role. Rogue Nation’s box-office take will be the ultimate decider, of course, but Cruise is unlikely to drop the one brand that’s remained constant through his many public embarrassments. Episode four, Ghost Protocol, was helmed by Pixar mastermind Brad Bird, making his live-action debut, but with a throwback energy similar to his Incredibles. Ethan Hunt doesn’t have to be recognizably human or relatable.

The New Mission: Impossible Is Basically a Perfect Summer Action Movie