Miyamoto wants to take Super Mario “in a new direction”

Super Mario Maker is developed and published by Nintendo exclusively for the WiiU. Instead of being the same boring stage each time out, it will be constantly changing.


Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will soon receive a stage inspired by Super Mario Maker. Oftentimes Google will alter its trademark search logo, but other times (like this one) the search engine giant threw Mario fans for a loop in the way of an Easter Egg.

Sunday marked the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., as is the case with every major event, Google did something special to celebrate. Many credit it with saving American video game market after its crash in the 1980s. Nintendo gave us a hint in March that would be releasing games based up on its family of popular characters but hasn’t come up with any details yet. Wondering why he would want to play through player created Mario levels when Nintendo does them better.

It was also among the first games I ever owned, coming with the wonderful Super Mario All-Stars, a cartridge that seldom seemed to leave my SNES, giving me innumerable hours of childhood joy. See those coins when you click the box?

See that “200?” That’s an active question mark box, right there in the Google search results.

So beloved is Mario that Nintendo has sold more than 310 million units featuring him since he first hit the screens under his own name in 1985, the year that Ronald Reagan began a second term as United States president and the Live Aid concerts for the Ethiopian starvation relief took place.


At the moment, Miyamoto has yet to create any courses for Super Mario Maker, though he promises to “definitely post something” in the future. These staggering figures makes Super Mario Bros a colossal franchise in the history of global video games.

Super Mario turns 30 fans celebrate around the world