Moto X: The Next Big Thing from Motorola and Google

Motorola was once a mobile loved by the Americans not just because of its durability and performance but also because it filled them with pride for being an all American product. But the company slowly fell behind in the smartphone race as not just Apple but other players like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, etc surging ahead of it. The company was taken over by Google in May last year but there was no launch of a new product since then. Finally the company has broken its silence and announced launch of its flagship product that will be christened Moto X.



Moto X 1Google has plans to upstage both Apple and Samsung with its ambitious new smartphone called Moto X. This smartphone will not only be packed with all the latest features and specifications, Google will also spend a whopping half a billion dollars to market Moto X to dent the duopoly of leaders Samsung and Apple. The latest smartphone was recently spotted in the Sun Valley Conference that was attended by luminaries like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Tim Cook of Apple. The person using the phone was Eric Schmidt, the Google Chairman. Surprisingly, he refused to divulge the details of the unreleased phone saying he was not authorized to comment on any details of the smartphone.


It is only a month now as Moto X is set to be launched across the country in August on the platforms of major carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, etc. Google is aware of the challenges lying ahead as Moto X will have to match fire with fire. Apple is all set to introduce iPhone 5S, and nothing less than the best in the world s going to satisfy the customers in US and all around the globe. However, Google has geared up for the ultimate showdown as it plans to spend almost half a billion dollars on the promotion of Moto X. in all its advertizing campaigns, Google has been harping upon the fact that Moro X will be a phone designed by buyers themselves. This is a fact that indicates a high level of customization possible with this smartphone.  Another feature emphasized by the company is the fact that the product is assembled inside America. Made in USA tag is going to be the USP of Moto X as people are yearning for a world class product that is 100% American.



The best features of Moto X that are being talked about most by Google are its ability to listen to voice commands (akaMoto-X-voice Apple’s SIRI), and an all new feature that starts camera function with a wrist action of the user. You can press anywhere on the screen to take a photo and no need to search for the shutter icon. You just say OK Google now and the phone presents the home page of Google to you let you browse the internet within a second. More advanced features include the ability to check on weather, set alarm, and get directions on places without even touching the screen of the phone.