NAACP Oks resolution ending economic boycott of South Carolina after

Some public officials are already opting to fold the flag. The flag is emblazoned with the words, “I ain’t coming down”. To those in support of keeping the flag up, the error just began.


It was a media event when the Confederate battle flag come down Friday in South Carolina, but apparently nobody was watching when flags were stolen from from a Georgia state park and a private residence in Delaware.

Regardless of where you stand on the flag debate, it marks an historic moment in the state’s history.

The NAACP on Saturday said it has voted to end the organization’s 15-year boycott of South Carolina, a day after the Confederate battle flag came down from the Statehouse grounds in Columbia.

While the last Republican governor who took on the Confederate flag in South Carolina lost his job, 43-year-old Haley may get a promotion, Politico said in an article. In a 2001 referendum, Mississippi voted to keep the Confederate symbol on the flag – a fact several legislators cited when contacted by the state’s leading newspaper, the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson.

North Carolina-based Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan still have their rally planned for July 18th, but promise a peaceful gathering. However, there is a difference between you expressing your right to be an idiot and the government doing it.

South Carolina was the first of 11 states to secede from the federal Union in December 1860; the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter, near Charleston. It was taken down during a ceremony Friday morning.

Gov. Nikki Haley signs the legislation that will remove the Confederate flag from Statehouse grounds during a ceremony Thursday at the Statehouse in Columbia. Sure, the bill that passed was drafted by her two-time gubernatorial opponent, Senator Vincent Sheheen. “The flag is 153 years old”.

Reps. Neal Collins, Jenny Horne, Gary Clary and Sen.

“It made it all the more powerful, especially for the little kids”. That’s dedication to the state. That debate only heated up with two announcements this week. She was raging, she was frustrated, and she was fierce. “Process-wide, I don’t think there’s a tremendous degree of difference”. He is an attorney at the Strom Law Firm in South Carolina.

The Confederate flag was once a familiar symbol in country music, representing the rural South and the renegade spirit of artists such as David Allan Coe and Hank Williams Jr.

For almost three and a half years, Gorham Flag Center owner Derek Auclair had few requests for Confederate flags, selling only two since 2012.

“I always thought of it as love and honor for my ancestors”, he said, quoted in the city’s State newspaper.

In Davis’ opinion, the flag has gotten a bad rap because of hate groups who have hijacked its meaning.

1956 – The flag is raised in the Senate. The group, which is spreading the word on Facebook, plans to drive around Lake County displaying their Confederate flags. I know I’m not alone in having sometimes felt embarrassed to say I’m from South Carolina, especially knowing the eye-rolling that inevitably follows.


1996 – Republican Gov. David Beasley proposes moving the flag to a Statehouse monument. Being seen as the party fighting for the Confederate flag is not helpful in winning over black, Hispanic and Asian voters who have been trending toward Democrats.

Jefferson Davis statue in US Capitol