Nintendo NX Release Date Could Be July 2016

“Whatever the case, we have no more than a year before we know exactly what Nintendo’s next hardware play is”, writes


Nintendo’s back catalog puts those of Sony and Microsoft’s to shame.

As with most of Nintendo’s games, Star Fox Zero will have cooperative multiplayer gameplay, in which one person controls the movement of the Arwing and the other aims and fires the shots.

But then you’ve got Nintendo.

In addition, Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 celebrates the ten-year-anniversary of the Samurai Warriors series with a new game that incorporates the best features from all previous Samurai Warriors games. He also criticized VR systems that “cannot be played simultaneously by multiple people”-even though we at Ars played Morpheus games that had multiplayer modes (ones that liberally cribbed from Wii U’s Nintendoland, at that)””. Can Nintendo return to the forefront of the gaming world with a new console? Nintendo is in the market to make money, not release free games in the hopes enough people will buy IAPs.

During their 75th annual shareholder meeting, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was questioned about the lack of third-party support for the company’s Wii U console. Whereas the Xbox One and PS4 offer fairly similar content (Halo vs Killzone, Forza vs DriveClub, etc), Nintendo stays true to its character with the most unique – not to mention quirkiest – selection of any console. The shipment volume of Wii U is estimated at two million units in 2015, according to Digitimes Research. Imagine our surprise when the video above popped up overnight, purporting to be a “leak” of Nintendo’s next game console. The company specifically partnered with Japanese mobile giant DeNA to create new games based on its franchise roster.

I didn’t come away from deWinter’s book with one big, clear takeaway about who Miyamoto is and why he’s such an epochal figure in video game history – the book dances around a bit, perhaps out of necessity given its broad subject matter and brevity. I loved Mario Kart 8, but the game would have undoubtedly been in rotation for far longer on my Wii U if Nintendo would have granted me the ability to talk with my friends in-game whilst racing. Which means, yep, right around E3 2016.

The order a player is supposed to complete dungeons.


“As for future titles, since we only introduced the software to be sold early next year, we acknowledge the criticism from our fans that we failed to excite them with new proposals”, he added.

Nintendo will release the Nintendo NX in July 2016, rumors said | Vine Reporter