Nintendo officially announces Pokemon Sun & Moon for 3DS

Pokemon Sun and Moon will have a holiday release for Nintendo 3DS. The trademark filings came just days after Nintendo announced that it will be broadcasting the new Pokemon Direct as part of the Japanese publisher’s 20 anniversary.


Little information was given about Pokemon Sun and Moon during the Direct, though we’re sure to get it in bits and pieces throughout 2016, as usual.

So Nintendo is probably content to keep churning out Pokemon games, even though it’s running out of colors to name them after. But now that the games are being released on the eShop, the company has had a chance to make things right. The previous releases in the franchise were the original games Pokemon X and Y in October 2013. The graphic below is a handy illustration of the new-fangled Pokemon Bank, allowing you to transfer your pocket monsters to new titles for the very first time. Starting Feb. 26, you can purchase the original versions of Red, Blue and Yellow through Nintendo’s virtual console.

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The last games in the franchise were Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in November 2014, remakes of the Game Boy Advance games from 2002-2003.


These are not the only Pokemon games to be launched this year. Sun and Moon will also support the Pokemon Bank cloud service so that you can transfer pokemon from previous editions of the game.

Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon