NVIDIA Sets 31st July as the New Launch Date for its Gaming Console

Nvidia is a name that needs no introduction. The name has become synonymous with high quality graphics cards and processors that are being used in computers and smartphones by top manufacturers of the world. The company had announced a world class gaming console based upon Android OS that was supposed to start shipping by the end of June this year. But due to a mechanical fault found at the stage of testing forced Nvidia to delay the launch date of the impressive gaming console.



NVidia 2The new gaming console, christened Shield by Nvidia, is going to be the first major Android based video game console that will fight it out with Xbox, Sony’s PSP, and Nintendo gaming consoles. In a statement that was meant to reassure all those who had pre booked the gaming console but had to wait for a long time because of postponement, the company sought to allay any fears about the quality of the machine. It said that Shield was built by video game fanatics to provide a gaming experience never felt earlier by the gamers around the world. As the company wanted nothing but the best from its new gaming console, it had no option but to postpone the date of shipping once a mechanical issue was found in the machine at the stage of performance testing.


The Shield is fitted with a powerful 1.9 GHz processor with a solid 2 GB RAM. It has a 72 core graphics processor that produces a very high resolution images on the monitor that is 5 inches in size. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It has 16 GB of onboard memory that can be increased using micro SD cards. It also has the feature of HDMI out that the gamer can use to play the game on his huge HDTV instead of the portable monitor. The console works upon the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 and is available for a price of around $299.


As Shield is an exclusive Android gaming console, the user has the freedom to access all games that are available onNVidia Google Play. With world’s fastest mobile processor chip Tegra 4 fitted inside, Shield promises to be an exciting nonstop entertainment gaming console. Though the device looks small, the controls are certainly console grade to ensure a great gaming experience. Nvidia has reduced the price of the console from its earlier announced price of $349 to $299 to make it within the reach of most people.


The launch of Shield coincides with the introduction of next generation gaming consoles from both Microsoft and Sony. It would be interesting to see how this much awaited Android gaming console would fare against heavyweights PSP 4 and Xbox 360. This handheld high performance gadget is being billed as the new standard of video gaming by the experts. With it software powered by Google, there is no doubt that gamers around the world have high expectations from this gaming console.


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