Ohio Toddler Missing In Trumbull County, Found By Volunteer

Despite two nights in the cold, crews said the toddler appeared to be in good health when she was found and is now receiving care in a Northeast Ohio area hospital.


Rainn’s mother says Rainn and two siblings had been staying with the great-grandparents because she was moving into an apartment.

A volunteer called 911 after he found the girl in a field in North Bloomfield, Ohio, between Warren and Youngstown. “She is just an innocent little girl”.

Rainn Peterson of Trumbull County was last seen at her great-grandparents home in North Bloomfield on Friday around 6.30pm. Deputies had searched the family’s home several times and had given polygraph tests to the toddler’s relatives, he said.

“He told us he heard a few whimpering, drove up and found her huddled in the tall grass”, Cook said. She had been clad only in a purple shirt, trousers and tennis shoes and was not wearing a coat.

Hundreds had fanned out in the fields and wooded areas of North Bloomfield and Bristolville all day Saturday and Sunday, while helicopters took high-definition photography and single-engine airplanes flew search patterns.

When her grandmother realized she was missing after calling the children up for dinner, they began searching for Rainn and contacted police.

“She’s 2 years old and goes to strangers”.


‘Is that her I hear?’ the dispatcher asks.