Ohio Valley Health Dept. now offering Flu Vaccine at all locations

Last flu season, DPHHS recorded 829 hospitalizations and 56 deaths related to influenza.


He says flu is a laid term for influenza because, really, influenza is more serious. Officials say our trends with the flu normally mimic theirs. “It’s always hard to predict what is going to happen, but people should be prepared”.

The CDC does not recommend getting the nasal spray vaccine.

The CDC said it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to protect you from the flu.

“This is an influenza strain that is able to impact the young, the elderly, the well and the unwell”, Ms Hennessy told 3AW radio, of the devastating flu season.

Professor Brendan Murphy said this season’s vaccine, selected by the World Health Organisation, gave “moderate to good” coverage of the viruses, but it had not been as effective as previous years.

Anyone older than six months old can receive a flu shot.

In a statement released to The Herald Sun, the heartbroken father called on people to immunise their children against the flu.

Vaccine experts think the results may reflect the older age and other miscarriage risks for the women, and not the flu shots. “If everyone else in the house is vaccinated, you’re making sure those babies are safe”.

The Centers for Disease Control recognizes the flu vaccination as the first and most important step in protecting against the flu.

Flu viruses are shape-shifters, constantly changing the proteins on their surfaces – the parts of the virus that your immune system sees – so that they can escape detection.

The flu virus has been particularly bad this year, with more than 13,000 cases confirmed.

The objective of the challenge is to increase flu vaccination rates among all Michiganders.

If you want to help Sarah’s fight for motherhood, you can contribute to her Go Fund Me page. The price of flu vaccine will vary from $35 to $65, depending on the individual’s age and the type of vaccine used. “It is recommended that pregnant women get a flu vaccine during any trimester of their pregnancy because flu poses a danger to pregnant women, and a flu vaccine can prevent influenza in pregnant women”.


So, bottom line, it would be better to wait until later in the fall, but an early flu shot is better than no flu shot at all.

County Health Department: 'People of all ages are advised to get vaccinated'