OJ Simpson’s ‘hypothetical’ confession sparks social media frenzy

In retrospect, one might wonder why Simpson agreed to the interview at all, given his wise decision not to take the stand during the trial. Though not actually on the case, “The People vs. O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?”, in which the former National Football League running back outlines how he might have killed Goldman and the mother of his two children. In a word, the special is shocking.


Simpson at first resisted discussing the killings but later appeared at several points to validate the prosecution’s timeline and theory of the case.

The program, titled The Lost Confession, saw Simpson walk Regan through how he could have killed his ex-wife and Goldman on June 12, 1994.

The interview was originally supposed to run in late November of 2006 as a sort of promotional special.

An attorney, presumably from O.J.’s camp, contacted Regan to conduct an interview on the condition that the athlete’s memoir book will be titled If I Did It to illustrate its hypothetical nature.

“This 2006 If I Did It concept by Regan offered to Simpson was despicably poor judgment and should be considered a plague on the houses of all involved, including the eventual publishers”.

The airing of the interview was quickly scrapped after an outcry and the footage languished for years. Chairman and CEO of News Corp.

“Idol” drew about 10.3 million viewers during its Sunday night premiere on ABC, according to preliminary ratings data.

Speaking of New Years Eve 1989, where a row over alleged infidelity spilled over into violence he said: ‘She got physical with me, I got physical with her. “I do remember that portion”. Even now, If I Did It remains controversial.

The interview then switched gears, and Simpson talked about the media frenzy that followed, including the infamous ride in the white Bronco with friend Al Cowlings. Simpson: “The Lost Confession?” as part of a panel of experts who added commentary and analysis intercut with sections of the 2006 interview.

O.J. Simpson’s hypothetical confession on Fox airwaves Sunday was a ratings bust. The never before seen interview was aired by FOX yesterday. “But somebody knew it was there, ‘” he said. “To some degree, I didn’t really like her”, Simpson admitted. He faced 33 years in prison but was released on parole last October. O.J. also chuckled about his attempts to “get some” from Nicole and said it was she who badgered him to get married after he repeatedly said he didn’t want marriage or more kids.

“I just remember listening to the radio, which, I think it was Dan Rather, it really saved my life”, Simpson said. “And I said, ‘Well, you think you can kick my ass?'” Simpson said.


‘And of course, I think we’ve all seen the grizzly pictures. In the mood I was in, I started having words with him. We’re not sifting through the minutiae of the trial and the missteps of the prosecution.

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