Over 14 million Devices running Windows 10

There have been many people who have been wondering on how to download and install the Windows 10 OS, and here is an easy way to download and install the Windows 10 OS on your PC.


Windows 10 was installed on 14 million devices in its first 24 hours in the wild, with plenty more upgrade reservations still waiting in the hopper, Microsoft says. Specifically, he claims it strips users of the Internet experience they want and replaces it with the experience that Microsoft wants them to have. The most secure Windows ever, Windows 10 is delivered as a service and kept automatically up-to-date with innovations and security updates. “We designed Windows 10 to provide a simple upgrade experience for users and a cohesive experience following the upgrade”, a Microsoft spokesperson told us.

It would have been a heck of a lot more if Windows 10 wasn’t being released in waves and made available to everyone at once as a result.

With the official Windows 10 launch this week and Microsoft’s promise that the upgrade for Windows 7/8.1 systems will be free for the first year after launch, you’ll have until July 29, 2016, to make your move. In an open letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Beard wrote that the tech giant was eschewing the preferences of its users in order to increase Edge’s market share.

“Sometimes we see great progress, where consumer products respect individuals and their choices”.

In the options that appear, select Default apps in the left-hand pane, then scroll down and click on Web browser, which likely has Edge’s icon showing if you just upgraded from a previous version of Windows.

I’m all for user choice and personally i have chosen not to run Windows, but for those that do choose Windows, Microsoft really should enable browser choice, though I’m not sure all that many will choose Firefox anymore.

Windows 10 has been receiving positive reviews from users.

How much Windows 10 costs?

Windows 10 shows a setting page instead of the pop up that it showed previously.


Giving away Windows 10 may be proving to be a good strategy as far as getting the software out there.

Why you should download Windows 10 right now