Pacific Rim: Earth Saved from Monsters Again

If you are a diehard Sci-Fi fan and yearning for all the action and adventure in the backdrop of a scientific theme, Pacific Rim is finally here to provide all the thrill and adrenaline pumping. It is a movie set in the year 2020 when the planet earth is under siege from aliens and monsters and all of humanity has to unite to save our planet. Pacific Rim has been directed by Guillerimo del Toro who has also written the screenplay of the movie along with Travis Beacham. The movie has stars like Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kukuchi, etc. The movie plot revolves around a pilot and a trainee who have been entrusted with the responsibility of driving a weapon to secure victory for the humans in a war that has been going on with the monsters.Pacific Rim



Kaiju is the name of the tribe of monsters that have arrived on earth from the outer rim of the universe. These ugly aliens are hell bent on decimating mankind from the face of the earth.  Humans have been trying to contain these giant monsters by deploying humanoids but they seem to be no match against the brute power and aggression of these monsters. While the critics have given thumbs down to the movie, there is no doubt that the director has managed to make a gripping and entertaining movie despite getting a 2nd tier star cast and a small budget for such a large canvas of the movie.


The setting of the movie is futuristic and the monsters too appear to be real courtesy some innovative and imaginative computer animation. The concept of human mind controlled robots fighting alien monsters is also very interesting. If anything, the monsters and the scenes remind one of two recent movies namely Transformers and Battleship. If you have not seen these movies, you are likely to enjoy the cinematography along with the action very much. If you have seen both, you are likely to think of Pacific Rim as a cross between these two movies.


Despite the brilliance of the director, the movie appears to be one with a weak storyline and some very good audio visualpacific_rim_2013 effects. The idea of giant robots fighting Kaiju monsters with human beings inside controlling their movements on a machine that looks like an elliptical trainer is a bit funny. Clebrity Insider



In between all the action and high voltage drama, the pace of the movie slackens because of an underdeveloped plot. To make matters worse, the actors of the movie do not have the intensity and thespian abilities to spell bind the audiences. This is a weak point that hurts the movie badly. To cover up these shortcomings, director del Toro has concentrated upon scenes of mass destruction. You are sure to enjoy the crumbling skyscrapers and the fight sequences between 25 foot robots and the giant dinosaurs like monsters.  But you know from the start that it is the robots who are going to win in the end. And this is what happens eventually.