Peshmergas launch new assault on ISIS in northern Iraq

Kurdish soldiers fighting the dreaded terror group in Syria and Iraq came across one of the cars, inspired by computer game Call Of Duty, after it failed to detonate. The offensive was launched on the Daquq and Khurmatu frontlines with heavy artillery, including several tanks.


“The ISIS militants are on the retreat but they have planted many landmines and that is why we are slowly advancing”, Beshai said.

“Our plan has been successfully completed and we have control of most of the villages we were planning to take”, Mustafa Sayid Qadir, minister of Peshmerga, told Rudaw Wednesday.

With reports still coming in from the front, Rudaw’s Hiwa Hisamadin estimated that 18 ISIS fighters had been killed and a number of villages recaptured in Daquq district less than 40km south of Kirkuk city.

U.S. authorities have been investigating reports IS activists may have utilized mustard gas against Kurdish Peshmerga contenders this month in Makhmour, Iraq. Planes and drones conducted a total of 25 strikes, helping the Kurdish forces in ‘liberating seven villages, ‘ a statement said. When IS militants leave an area, they normally plant IEDs to prevent Peshmerga progressing. The ministry says Iraqi security forces carried out missile attacks on ISIS positions in Baiji, killing 12 terrorists and destroying two ISIS vehicles.

Iranian financial support to the Taliban has been constant since 2001, and Iran’s military support began before the invasion, continued during the invasion, when Iran offered anti-aircraft weapons to the Taliban to “use against the United States and Coalition forces“, and has been increasing since at least early 2007.



Islamic State is infamous for mass misuse against minority groups in Syria and neighboring Iraq, where it runs immeasurable measures of region.

Kurdish forces free seven villages in Iraq officials