PlayStation Now is going to be exclusive to PS4 and PC — Sony

Unfortunately for the Japanese giant, it seems as if the uptake hasn’t been great on devices beyond the PS4 and PC.


Owners of 2016 Bravia TVs have even less time to adjust, with their smart-TV support ceasing as soon as April 1. The service essentially allowed users to play games from older consoles and important older titles through their PlayStation Network ID. That said, Sony will be happy to take your money if you forget to cancel before support for your device is dropped, so make sure you cancel the subscription and avoid paying for a defunct service.

So why would Sony do this?

What do you think of this decision by Sony?

The game giant will definitely send updates about PS3 and PS Vita in the weeks to come.

Sony just wants to be where the players are? Hopefully, Sony will not stop or wind down support for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in general. Due to this service, players do not need to buy games physically from the store, or even download them to their devices; they only need a fast enough internet connection to stream the content without any lag.

In any case, I see this move as puzzling to say the least.

Check below for the official announcement from Sony.

Furthermore, on April 1, 2017, Sony will pull support for 2016 models of Bravia TV models, in addition to the other devices that will be added to the list in August.

According to Sony, it wants to shift resources to these platforms in order to improve and further develop the user experience.


In the post, Sony thanks its customers, especially those who own the devices mentioned in the post, and urges them to continue using its products. The good news here is that all of PS Now cloud game saves will be accessible on PS4 and Windows PCs, no matter which platform they were saved from.

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