Power Shorts to Charge the Battery of your Mobile

Does your mobile give in to your demands by the end of the day as its battery drains out? Are you worried that you may run out of power at the music festival you are planning to go this weekend? Then the new power shorts designed by Vodafone may be the ideal answer to the problem of batteries running out of power for you. The mobile service providing giant English company Vodafone has designed these shorts that will be given to attendees of Wight Music Fest this weekend to try out.



Booty shake produces energy

The magic of these Power Shorts lies in the Power Pocket given behind the shorts where the mobile is to be kept.Charging Mobile Phone Battery Scientists at the University of Southampton have placed foam like material inside the pocket that produces kinetic energy whenever it is pressed or quashed. In short, when the individual shakes his bums, these small ferroelectret materials get deformed producing kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy with a charger to help in recharging the battery of your mobile phone.


No need to be near a power source if your battery has drained out

If you are wearing these shorts, there is no need to be worried about draining battery of your mobile as the solution is in your hands, oops, your bums. Yes, just shake your booty to bring back your mobile to life. The movement of your body and the heat generated is detected by the material inside the power pocket to create the energy required to charge your mobile battery. These power shorts are so designed to keep your mobile working for up to 4 hours by the energy produced by your walking or dancing movements. You need not worry about your mobile battery draining out if you are out on the road. If there is no power source near you, you can still recharge your phone by dancing a bit and moving your booty to the tunes of your favorite music.

Power Shorts The material used by the scientists in the power pocket of your power shorts is intelligent enough to sense the temperature difference the air outside the shorts and your hot and moving bums. It uses this temperature difference to convert it into an electric voltage. This tiny voltage is enough to charge the battery of your mobile. This is not a new invention really and works on a principle of physics called Seebeck Effect.

This news is certainly going to make those feel happy who have this knack of listening to music while on their way to office or college. Finally their dancing steps will not just help them to stay in shape but also produce some tangible effect in the form of energy used by the battery of their mobiles. You now have one more reason to dance when you are making use of power shorts created by Vodafone. This is not all as you can also make friends happy by charging their mobiles if you have these power shorts.