Prisoner ran from jail to go to a dentist

An offender ran from jail to meet a dentist as he was suffering from unbearable toothache. He, then came back to police for surrender after curing his toothache.


According to the report, the convict, whose name cannot be published, was complaining for his toothache since many days but the jail authority was not doing anything, they were ignoring his request.

At last, he decided to escape from the jail and go to dentist to cure his unbearable tooth pain.

Prisoner ran from jail to go to a dentist1

However, he came back to the police for surrender that shows that his pain was really unbearable which made him to break law by escaping from jail.


Reports says that the convict, 51, was serving a one month sentence at Östragård open prison in Väners­borg, Sweden.