Protests Erupt After St. Louis Officers Fatally Shoot 18-Year Man

Officers in a rear alley ordered the men to stop, but Ball Bey turned and point his gun, with an extended magazine, at the officers, police say. A vacant building and at least one vehicle were burned.


An autopsy report shows Mansur Ball-Bey, the 18-year-old black St. Louis resident killed during a standoff with police this week, was shot in the back, police officials said.

A black teenager killed by police in St. Louis on Wednesday morning died from a single gunshot wound in the back, according to preliminary autopsy results.

Some protesters questioned the police claim that the suspect was armed. As the crowd grew, so did the tension with officers, who arrived in large numbers. According to such members of law enforcement, the great deal of media attention and scrutiny is making police worry about facing consequences for their actions, and causing them to think twice before pulling the trigger.

The scene unfolded less than two weeks after violence marred the anniversary of the day Michael Brown was fatally wounded by a white officer in nearby Ferguson. “We need support in the community”. Police said that some people threw rocks, bricks and water bottles at them, and officers tear-gassed the area. The officers have been placed on leave.

” ‘Just because he was shot in the back doesn’t mean he was running away, ‘ Dotson said”. In another instance, he said, someone kicked down the door of a small store.

At around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, someone set a mattress on fire. “But he certainly wasn’t facing [the officers]”.

Each officers, who’re white, have been unhurt, in response to a police report. He said, however, “I just don’t know yet”. The other man remains on the run.

In the past week alone, two officers from the department have resigned, including one who had been on the scene the night Hammond was shot. Dotson said police had discovered three stolen guns during investigations after the shooting. Police said there were other people in the house that were taken into custody, but did not specify how many.

In the aftermath of the shooting, including the non-indictment of Officer Wilson, who has since left the police force, the Justice Departmentcalledfor a complete overhaul of the Ferguson Police Department after an investigation found that widespread constitutional violations and discriminatory tactics were commonplace in the city.

Christmas denies that Ball-Bey was armed and said interviews his firm conducted with witnesses in the area at the time of the shooting also contradict the police account. “The folks out there don’t believe a word coming from police”, French said. The boy survived. “We had to get control of the situation”, Dotson said.


Protests break out in St Louis over 18-year-old’s death. Last month, a man was charged with felony child endangerment after his 3-year-old nephew accidentally shot himself in the head after finding a loaded gun under a pillow in a bedroom. He said the city needs to focus its efforts on rebuilding neighborhoods instead of a new stadium for the Rams.

Protests turn violent in St. Louis after police shooting of suspect, 18, that