Psy Admits Alcoholism as his Problem

You may be very rich and famous but it is not necessary that you have everything alright in your life. This is exactly what is happening to Gangnam Style aka Psy, the most well known Korean face on earth. He may be the most famous South Korean in the world, but all is not hunky-dory in the life of this pop singer. The Gangnam Style singer who became the face of Korea around the world after his video became viral on the internet is a self confessed alcoholic. Psy openly admitted to having drinking problems in a recent interview given to Sunday Times.



Psy-Admits-He-Drinks-Alcohol-All-the-TimeThis is the third time inside a year that his name has become embroiled in a controversy. Last April, his dance video called Gentleman was banned in his own country whereas he became an anti-hero for the Americans in December last year when videos of his performance where he is making anti American moves surfaced all over the internet. What would you say to a confession that says that Psy is drinking all the time and the only time he is not drinking is when he has a hangover. Just look at what the singer had to say about his drinking habit in his interview. “If I’m happy, I’m drinking, if I’m sad, I’m drinking. If it’s raining, I’m drinking, if it’s sunny, I’m drinking.” Clebrity Insider


The 35 year old Korean currently holds the world record for the number of times his video Gangnam Style has been seen by the people around the world. He may have confessed to his drinking habits openly but he doesn’t seem too bothered or perturbed by his drinking problem. In the interview, he has described Korean Vodka as his best friend. However, he also drinks lots of other alcoholic beverages such as whisky, tequila, beer, or whatever he can get his hands upon. If you thought that was the end of the vices Psy has, hold on as he smokes incessantly.


Gangnam Style displaced Justin Beiber’s Baby from the perch by being viewed by no less than 1.7 billion people aroundpsy (1) the world on the internet. Btu fame and money alone cannot bring you happiness and satisfaction, or so it seems with the revelations made by Psy in this interview. He openly talked about his troubled childhood where he was abused by his parents, his substance abuse as he grew up and even about the time he spent in jail. However, more surprising for his fans is his dependency upon alcohol.


The father of two, 35 year old rap singer from Korea is a happy man though, not unduly concerned about his drinking habits. Psy is known for his penchant for large sunglasses and colorful outfits. Not many people know that he was sent to jail in 2001 for possession of marijuana. Psy considers this experience as an invaluable lesson for himself.



Only last month, Psy was congratulated by YouTube for having become the most watched performer on YouTube.