Rams Return to California…for a Scrimmage

When St. Louis Rams tight end Jared Cook walked off the bus he didn’t believe what he was seeing.


“No one understands what St. Louis, what fans of St. Louis are going through more than fans here in Los Angeles when our team was taken away”, Tom Bateman with the “Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams” movement said in a message to fans.

If the Rams are headed back to Southern California, their long-suffering local fans are ready to welcome them home.

While conspiracy theorists believe something is afoot, Rams coach Jeff Fisher has said since June the Cowboys simply provided the best fit.

The two-hour practice included both 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 work between the teams’ starting offenses and defenses. Although they went through long stretches of poor play, they made generations of fans with their distinctive uniforms, star players and tradition. While his brothers gave up on the team after its move to the Midwest, the Lompoc native stayed faithful to the franchise. “I’m a real fan of Stan Kroenke”, Jones said, via Steve Wyche of the NFL Network. Kroenke already has spent many millions on his Hollywood Park site, and stadium construction already may have begun. “The Rams are the team that most of us as children grew up with”.

“Being on the (forward operating base) with those guys was pretty surreal for me but had no idea that he was in (Rams) camp and so it’s pretty special when you think of big picture where he came from, where he’s at”, Witten said. The Fearsome Foursome. That is part of our DNA growing up, so there is no team that can claim they are more integrated into the psyche of the people that were old enough to attend football games than the Rams.

“I know of no reason why we can’t (hold camp in Oxnard)”, Jones said. “That’s hands-down. And then would come the Raiders”. They planned to wrap up each day with food, drinks and partying at a nearby restaurant.

Without definitely picking a side in the three-team derby for Los Angeles, Jones realizes the Rams matter greatly in L.A. and beyond. “They’ve got good, quality football players and guys who can fly around the ball”.

“What I do think is (the Rams) have such a traditional visibility and a traditional following here in Southern California”, Jones said.


And if what Canepa writes is true and the Carson proposal is truly on death’s doorstep, it now becomes a two-team race between the Raiders and Chargers to see who can scrape together the necessary cash to make a move to Los Angeles first.

Michael Crabtree stayed in-state by joining the Raiders