Rare Phenomenon Captured on Camera From the international Space Station

But wait, there’s more: along the right edge of the picture a cluster of bright red and purple streamers can be seen rising above a blue-white flash of lightning: it’s an enormous red sprite caught on camera! Adrian Lane, an amateur radio enthusiast, demonstrated last week that pretty much anyone can chat with the international Space Station if they know their way around a radio transmitter.


In consequence, NASA lately prolonged its contract with Roscosmos, the Russian federal area company, informing Congress that it plans to for U.S. and associate astronauts by means of 2018 and touchdown help into 2019.

The Moon is conquered, next stop – Mars.

Duncan asked the astronauts “if there was one thing they would want us to teach our students about the international Space Station, what would that be?” Now it’s certain that we can.

Growing food in space is a new and exciting culinary frontier.

In a letter to Congress Aug. 5, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said “for five years now, the Congress, while incrementally increasing annual funding, has not adequately funded the commercial crew program to return human spaceflight launches to American soil this year, as planned”.

The project – called Synthetic Biology for Recycling Human Waste into Food, Nutraceuticals, and Materials: Closing the Loop for Long-Term Space Travel – is run by Mark Blenner of Clemson University in South Carolina. “I think that plant systems will become important components of any long-duration exploration scenario”, said Dr Gioia Massa, the payload scientist for Veggie at Kennedy.

While he may have set new space records, Padalka is however not the first to take a selfie in outer space.

NASA posted a YouTube feature today that shows Expedition 44 space travelers Scott Kelly, Kjell Lindgren, and Kimiya Yui toasting some of their harvest of lettuce before eating it and saying, “That is wonderful”. So what we’re doing is we’re working with them, taking these same type units – like Veggie – and burying them into the sand.


Weather permitting, the ISS, that is just bigger than a football field, can be seen in the night sky through Monday, Aug. 24.

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