Razer Phone: Razer to be the NVIDIA of mobile?

Razer has unveiled their first Android smartphone, suitably titled the Razer Phone, including a whole load of features that distinguish it from other competitors on the market, mostly tailored towards gamers.


Razer has called this an “Ultramotion” display, meaning it’ll dynamically synchronise the GPU and display. It has a 5.7-inch Sharp IGZO display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. 45,200), the Razer Phone will start shipping from November 12 with no word on India availability as of now.

These two front-facing Dolby ATMOS (stereo) speakers have dual amplifiers as well. Razer Phone is running on Android 7.1 Nougat, but Oreo will be pushed for the device in the coming months. While there are a few cell phone brands playing to their qualities, Razer with its gaming DNA may offer a genuine gaming cell phone that can without much of a stretch handle the realistic escalated diversions. This is not to say that the Razer Phone will automatically have poor battery life, but to illustrate that there are some factors in play that could pull a 4,000 mAh battery down to Earth. Not only will the Razer Phone be more capable, the best games will be better optimised for it.

It’s still early for a full review, but on first impressions, the Razer Phone is a surprisingly good effort at the firm’s first crack at a smartphone – but only because it sticks to tried-and-tested formula.

The standard edition of the Razer Phone features a chrome triple-headed snake logo.

The Razer Phone is a stout, wide phone that feels radically different in my hands, which have grown accustomed to the longer, skinnier 2:1 screen aspect ratio that’s trendy in flagships this year. The design also has echoes of Nextbit, which is no surprise considering Razer bought Nexbit at the beginning of 2017 in order to enable its smartphone ambitions.

The device comes with 64GB of storage, you can add up to 2TB via the SD card port.

The Razer phone is finally here, creating a segment in the process where none existed, that of a gaming phone.

Razer has included some of the most advanced gaming features and technology, typically found on high-end gaming consoles and gaming PCs.

On the back there’s a dual-sensor camera with one 12MP f/1.75 aperture and one 13MP f/2.6 with a 2x fixed zoom.

We were also anxious about how useful its cloud feature would be – where it would store rarely used apps in the cloud and download on demand as needed. The phone is priced at $700 in the United States, £700 in the UK, and €750 in Europe.


The device will be available in the market on November 17.

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