Razer Phone vs iPhone 8

There’s no gimmick here, just a spec list that puts the Razer Phone up against other flagship Androids.


Razer Phone uses a tech called UltraMotion to synchronize the display refresh rate with the frames rendered by the mobile GPU, similar to Nvidia’s Gsync feature for desktop PCs.

It will retail for US$699.99 (S$952). But it’s not generally games that push the limits of the hardware. Our community needs products that keep up with speed of entertainment software development, not ones that throttle or underexploit them. I’m just hoping the heat management holds up.

The Razer Phone is a big ol’ lump of a phone, thanks to its 5.7-inch 16:9 ratio screen, square shoulders, huge bezels (which houses a dual front-facing speaker array that’s Dolby Atmos-certified), and a 4,000mAh battery. Perhaps in a bid to offer extra juice for the gorgeous screen and the powerful SoC, Razer saw it fit to slap a 4000-mAh battery inside its Phone.

“Gamers are everywhere, gaming on everything at any given time”.

It sizable percentage of bezels will help the grip the phone properly when they are watching movies or playing games and speaking of playing games, there are going to be a boatload of exclusive games coming for the flagship. “We actually use the same display technology as our laptops in the phone”, says Moss.

On the audio front, the Razer Phone has dual stereo speakers and dual dedicated amps for a wicked awesome mobile audio experience.

The Razer Phone isn’t much of a looker, with a blocky design inherited from the Nextbit Robin (a phone by a company Razer purchased).

Tan says the company wanted to steer clear of bloatware, but believes that its characteristic “game slant” is evident in the design.

A “gamer smartphone” sounds like an oxymoron these days considering how much the mobile gaming market favors casual free-to-play money traps.

The luminous wetsuits and rolling waves of Riptide GP: Renegade look as good as we’ve seen them. In a bid to further improve smoothness and reduce screen tearing, game developers are working to unlock the framerates in their apps when installed on the Razer Phone. Razer tapped its expertise in Razer Blade laptop engineering for its thermals.

Razer placed a major focus on the display of its new smartphone.

The company, best best known for its line of gaming accessories and peripherals, announced the first product from its mobile division on Wednesday night (Nov 1) in London, with its chief executive, Singaporean Tan Min-Liang, giving the keynote address. In fact, I had all but written the phone off throughout my briefing, thinking “yeah this is great, but it probably costs more than $1,000”. Here’s what that means and what you need to know about the new Razer smartphone.

Moss said: “We’re really trying to push the technologies that we’ve developed for our laptops into mobile”. And truly no phone can deliver a more hardcore Animal Crossing Pocket Camp experience. The Razer phone itself is housed in an aluminum chassis, and measures in at 6.2 x 3.1 x 0.3 inches and weighs 197 grams / 6.9 ounces. But, after the release it can be seen that, it can also be better for normal daily use.


The Razer Phone is priced at $699 / £699 (around AU$890) SIM-free, while the iPhone 8 starts at $699 / £699 / AU$1,079 for a comparable 64GB model, making it exactly the same price in the USA and UK. We have an in-depth explainer for you to check out, but in a nutshell, the feature enables smoother animations, provided that all the other components of the stack – phone hardware, drivers, applications – support it.

The Razer Phone is the ultimate smartphone for gamers, we've gone hands on