Reflection Off A Window Nearly Burns Down A Jaguar

Now here is a piece of news that you don’t hear every day. In fact, have you ever heard of a car nearly melting because of the intense heat generated by the sunlight reflected off a window? Surely most of you haven’t. The most astonishing aspect about it is that this didn’t happen in a country where summers are known to be sweltering, but in London. Yes it’s true that summers in UK can also at times really raise mercury levels, but who knew the effects could be so devastating.


Turns out, the sunlight reflected off the window of an under construction building in London nearly burned down a really expensive Jaguar that was parked on the street near the building. The heat of the reflection was so intense that it managed to melt one of the mirrors of the vehicle and also its logo. Who knows how much worse the outcome would have been, had the mercury levels risen any further.

Martin Lindsay the Director of Moderna Contracts Ltd the company which is responsible for the construction of the building in question, was astonished that just a couple hours in the sun could have such a devastating effect on an expensive car like the Jaguar. In fact, it was the employees of the company who saw the damage first. The admirable fact is that they left a note on the car’s windshield saying “Your car is damaged due to our fault. Please give us a call.”

To be honest the blame also probably lies with Jaguar mainly because it brings into question the build quality of the vehicles it makes.  The contractors on their part have agreed to pay the vehicle owner $1500 for the damages. Possibly, if the owner decides to sue Jaguar he could end up getting a huge sum in damages. Basically, the carmaker surely wouldn’t want this matter blowing out of proportion as it might bring a lot of disrepute to its name.

Many might argue that Jaguar can’t be blamed because the Walkie Talkie Tower off which the sunlight reflected has been re-christened the Walkie-Talkie because of the sunlight that is reflected off it, scorching everything in its path. As a matter of fact, in the afternoon sun it is difficult for people to stand near the building because of the intense heat that is generated due to the reflection.