Ricin Case: Shannon Richardson Arrested

Remember Shannon Richardson, a b-list actress who told the feds that her husband sent Ricin infected letters to President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg? She was arrested on Friday from her house by the FBI on charges of framing her husband and sending these mails herself. It was Shannon herself who called up the FBI to inform them about Ricin laced letters mailed by her husband to the President and the Mayor.


Shannon is also known as Shannon Guess and Shannon Rogers. She is 35 and lives in New Boston in Texas. It turns out Ricin Casethat the letters were sent by not her husband but by herself, according to attorney John M Bales and special agent Diego Rodriguez. The woman was arrested and produced before the court of Judge Caroline Craven. Shannon faces up to 10 years in prison if found guilty of charges leveled against her by the FBI. She has been charged of mailing three letters laced with Ricin to the President, the mayor, and an advocate who is an proponent of stricter gun laws.

Though the woman poses off as an actress, she has only played the roles of a zombie extra in The walking Dead and a small role in The Vampire Diaries till date. She came to news last month when she contacted the authorities to tell them that her husband had mailed the letter containing the toxin Ricin to political leaders. Interestingly, her husband, Nathan Richardson, happens to be an army vet. All three letters mailed by the woman express her sentiment to have a right to be armed as she says she has the constitutional right to bear arms and anyone who comes her way will be killed by her.

Despite her small roles in a few movies, Shannon considers herself to be a great actress and attributes her success to her ability to portray different characters naturally. Shannon claims that she found castor beans at home to believe that these were the product from which Ricin was obtained. She says she conducted searches on the internet to conclude that her husband might have been involved in mailing these toxin laced letters to the President and the Mayor of New York.

Shannon RichardsonAfter several rounds of quizzing and after making her go through polygraph test, feds came to the conclusion that it was she and not her husband who actually wrote and mailed these letters to President and the Mayor after infecting them with Ricin. Shannon is a mother of 5 kids and is pregnant at present. She won a beauty pageant in Texas as a teenager but struggled to get meaty roles in movies. Feds believe the attempt to frame her husband in Ricin case may have been because of marital strife.

This Ricin case is strikingly similar to a case that took place a couple of months ago where a woman tried to frame another man for sending Ricin infected letters to celebrities. Investigators feel that Shannon may have been trying to copy the incident.