Rick Perry Loses Top Iowa Adviser as it Struggles to Pay Bills

The Iowa chairman for Rick Perry’s faltering Republican presidential bid says he is no longer part of the campaign as Perry seeks to keep his longshot effort alive on limited funds.


Then, Monday evening, Breitbart News spoke to Perry campaign manager Jeff Miller, who said that they “had started putting people back on the payroll in Iowa and South Carolina”.

Perry’s marketing campaign had stated beforehand that the majority staffers have been prepared to stay with the marketing campaign as volunteers – sentiment Clovis himself had echoed two weeks in the past earlier than divulging his departure Monday.

Perry’s campaign stopped paying its staffers early this month, as it grappled with anemic fundraising.

Clovis, a former U.S. Senate candidate, professor and talk radio personality, was considered a big get for Perry when he joined the campaign in June. “It was fascinating. It’s like watching NASCAR”.

Earlier this month, Clovis described Trump as a force to be reckoned with.

Clovis told the AP he didn’t want his decision to step down to be seen as “anything negative at all”. “You cannot swing a dead cat in Iowa and not hit a Trump person”.

The top Iowa Republican behind Rick Perry’s presidential campaign announced Monday that he was leaving the operation.

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Perry also received a vote of confidence from Michael Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan, who posted several tweets on Sunday praising Perry’s experience and saying that “this country will be better off if [Perry] stays in the race”, imploring his followers to donate to him. “I mean that from the bottom of my heart”.


Clovis said he had not heard from the campaign in some time and did not know what its plans were. When the news broke, his state director in South Carolina said, “We’ll be able to live off the land for a while”. “It’s that proverbial chicken and the egg”. She added that the campaign wished Clovis well.

The chair of Rick Perry’s Iowa campaign Sam Clovis is calling it quits. Clovis stepped down from his position on Monday calling the former Texas governor a “remarkable” man in an interview with the Associated Press which first reported the resig