Rita Ora In Therapy Over Death Phobia

Rita Ora is receiving regular therapy sessions to help her cope with panic attacks brought on by her fear of dying.


Rita, who makes her 1st appearance as an X Factor judicial judge on Saturday, stated: “Death is my biggest phobia”. I have been going to therapy and I still try to go every week’.

We think Rita’s done a brilliant thing being honest – after all, having a phobia or anxiety problems are nothing to be ashamed of.

Ora had earlier shared how one panic attack in 2013 completely changed her outlook on life.

It comes down to confidence for the “Body On Me” pop star, who’s able to call herself a “huge fan” of Rihanna’s even after the New York Post reduced her to being just a “blonde” version of the songstress.

According to The Sun, the singer suffered a panic attack a couple of years ago which made her “see things differently”.

When asked about the video, Ora explains, “It was all about passion and feeling that intensity and sexual attraction without giving too much”.


Sending you hugs Rita!

Rita Ora Fears Dying So Much She’s Getting Therapy For It