Rush to fill orders ahead of new United States sanctions

He said the United States has proven to be an unreliable negotiating partner when it chose to withdraw from a multinational nuclear deal with Iran and reimpose sanctions against it.


Responding on Iranian state television, Mr Rouhani rejected the idea of last-minute talks.

These are sanctions on Iran’s trade in gold and precious metals; the sale or transfer of other metals like aluminum, steel, or coal; transactions related to Iran’s currency, the rial; the issuance of Iranian sovereign debt; the purchase or acquisition of United States dollars by Iran; and perhaps most bitingly, on Iran’s automotive sector.

He said: “The first option is good, the second excellent”.

A wave of United States sanctions kicks in against Iran on Tuesday, cementing Washington’s hard line against Tehran after President Donald Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear pact.

Sanctions against Iranian energy exports are set to come back into effect in November. “The US owes the Iranian nation for its intervention in Iran”.

In recent weeks, Trump has taken a two-pronged social media approach to Iran.

On May 8, President Donald Trump announced that the USA would be pulling out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (also called the Iran nuclear deal).

The sanctions would also limit certain transactions related to the Iranian rial, the country’s currency.

One U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said possibly more than 100 vessels were involved in the drills, including small boats. Economic woes are sparking sporadic, leaderless protests across the country.

Pompeo said heaping pressure on Tehran was meant to “push back against Iranian malign activity”, saying Iranians “are unhappy with the failure of their own leadership to deliver the economic promises that their leadership promised them”. But French oil group Total and carmaker PSA have already indicated they are likely to pull out of Iran.

Any trade in metal between the United States and Iran will be halted, while the import of Iranian-made cars will also be banned.

Hemmati told state TV late Sunday that “money exchangers are allowed to sell and buy foreign currencies” once again, to improve access to “services and travel overseas”.

The unofficial rate for the rial fell to a record 119,000 to the dollar last week (where it had previously been around 60,000), before rallying in response to government efforts to address the crisis, and stood at 98,500 on Sunday night.

The decision goes into effect on Tuesday.

With senior religious authorities calling for a crackdown on graft, the judiciary said Sunday it had arrested the vice-governor of the central bank in charge of foreign exchange, Ahmad Araghchi, along with a government clerk and four currency brokers.

The twin-prop planes are jointly manufactured by France’s Airbus and Italy’s Leonardo, but because just over 10 percent of their parts are made in the U.S., they are subject to the renewed sanctions.

The order drew a swift rebuke from European allies, though, whose foreign ministers said they “deeply regret” the re-imposition of USA sanctions on Iran. “But our government is powerful. and is capable of opening up the foreign currency market on the same day”.

Permits which allow imports of other Iranian products including carpets and pistachios will also be revoked.

President Trump’s administration reimposed sanctions which were dropped in 2015 as part of the accord signed between Iran, the US, Britain, France, as well as Germany. Those target Iranian oil and the Central Bank of Iran, among others. The activity extended to the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic waterway for global oil shipments the Revolutionary Guards has threatened to block.


However, Rouhani offered faint praise for Trump in his appearance on state TV.

Iran refuses talks with US under coercion - Xinhua |