Sam And Nia: Husband Surprises Wife With Pregnancy Announcement Before She

YouTube vlogger Sam pulled off the seemingly impossible and found out that his wife Nia was pregnant before she even knew.


The video has been viewed nearly 4 million times now – and it’s proven to be a smash hit on YouTube.

When the test comes back positive, Rader talks his way through how he’s dreamed of revealing his wife’s pregnancy to her. Accusing him of being “such a dork” for bringing a positive pregnancy test home from work, Nia doesn’t appear to realize in that moment that she’s the reason for that result.

The YouTube couple are high school sweethearts from Wills Point, Texas, and are raising their two children while vlogging daily about their lives.

Nia recently told Sam that she was two weeks late, and might be pregnant again. “She has the bladder the size of a golf ball”, he says on the video. When she goes to the cupboard, he asks if she’s getting wine. “I hope so bad she’s pregnant”.

You’re pregnant? Oh my gosh, you guys… For the first time daddy announces the pregnancy to mommy!” No way! Are you serious?

He breaks the pregnancy news to her with an undercover pee plan.


Now, to be fair, the excitement of the couple – who already have two children – when he finally tells her she’s pregnant is adorable.

Urine-stealing husband shocks wife with pregnancy test