Schumer Panicking Over Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

Trump introduced Kavanaugh late Monday as his choice to succeed retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. “He is a man of high character, high intelligence, excellence and independence”.


Kavanaugh’s 12 years as an appellate judge, combined with his Yale pedigree, Supreme Court clerkship under Kennedy and top posts in the Bush administration, give him a resume his predecessors can’t match. Sandra Day O’Connor even admitted that she waited to resign until 2006 so her replacement would be appointed by a Republican President.

Trump himself has always been suspected of connections to Russian money laundering through his many real estate deals, according to an investigation by New Yorker Magazine reporter Adam Davidson, who reported that Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been looking closely at Trump’s history of real estate deals involving Russians. “I’ll take anyone of them”.

However, Democrats are expected to fight against the confirmation since Kennedy’s departure serves as the loss of a deciding swing vote on many progressive issues. But the process of vetting the nominee will start right away. Susan Collins of ME, who has expressed disquiet about the nomination of a judge who might overturn Roe v. Wade. The ad draws attention to the selection of Gorsuch, widely hailed by conservatives as one of Trump’s most important accomplishments. But if this couldn’t be done without amending the U.S. Constitution, there are some alternatives.

MCCAMMON: Well, the other two names that we’re hearing a lot about are Thomas Hardiman, another federal appeals judge who was a runner-up to Justice Neal Gorsuch the last time around.

The majority of the D.C. Circuit panel disagreed with that reasoning, noting that the Supreme Court had ruled in a 1984 case that undocumented workers were indeed employees for the purposes of collective bargaining law.

The site did not address why the Trump-Kennedy family and financial relationship was never mentioned during the 2016 presidential campaign, when Trump’s pledge to pick far-right Supreme Court justices was key to his persuading conservatives to support him despite reservations about his character, as Politico reported.

“On the right, the Judicial Crisis Network has made a “seven-figure ad buy” on national cable TV and online that, it says, ‘will target vulnerable Democrat incumbents” in the hope of coaxing their votes for Trump’s nominee.

In recent years the Supreme Court has made landmark decisions on fundamental and often politically charged issues ranging from same-sex marriage, abortion, gun rights, corporate money in elections, and free speech.

The CNN reporters relied on an anonymous White House source to claim that President Trump’s decision was already made Sunday, but that he was simply toying with the process to obtain mere ratings.

The nomination was applauded by U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, R-3 Pa. Kavanaugh’s “impressive background and impeccable credentials speak volumes about not only his powerful intellectual abilities but also his solid character”, he said.

Throughout the search for Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee, Kavanaugh was a favorite of the conservative legal cognoscenti.

“What the president was looking for here was a nominee who will respect the Constitution as written, who will faithfully uphold the Constitution in all of his interpretations of the law”, Pence said in an interview with CNN.

Thank you for signing up for the Speed Feed Newsletter. The others are Republican targets for the confirmation vote who come from Trump-won states where they face re-election this fall.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement that by selecting Kavanaugh, Trump “has put reproductive rights and freedoms and health care protections for millions of Americans on the judicial chopping block”.

“You don’t have to go to Planned Parenthood to get your cholesterol or your blood pressure checked”, Kyl said in 2011.


Kavanaugh has understood the employer’s perspective in plenty of cases beyond Agri Processor.

Trump Expected to Unveil Supreme Court Nominee Monday Night