Social media reaction to the Sixers-Celtics game in London

The Philadelphia 76ers may not be the best National Basketball Association team in the Eastern Conference, but I don’t believe this team is as poorly performing as their contests with the Boston Celtics demonstrate. How quick the game comes, how many games we played, against good teams.


“I take it personal too. My bad!” But at the very least, Irving is now spelling out exactly what he was trying to do with the whole flat Earth thing from the beginning rather than continuing to try to make everyone believe that he’s actually a flat Earther.

The sold-out London crowd, sprinkled generously with basketball fans from all over the continent, also got a mild sample of what passes for hurt feelings in the NBA these days. Kyrie Irving led the Celtics with twenty-one points in their last game against the Nets.

To play matches overseas, Silver (pictured below) says that teams have to change their schedules to factor in travel, jetlag and recovery upon their return to the US. That alone should have told you that the averages were going to come into play and that the C’s would make their push. It will be the 14th regular season game played outside North America, and Simmons has acknowledged the unique opportunity he has to play at such a rare location.

Following a video review, Simmons was given a common foul while Morris was slapped with a technical for the push. And now the Celtics are positioned to add yet another young gun in the draft – just weeks after they complete what they hope is a deep playoff run.

Joel Embiid (2-7 shooting) was battling on the offensive end and a late quarter fade allowed the Celtics to get it back to single digits at halftime as they trailed 57-48.

“It was special for me yes, but he’s coming to Boston in March”. Simmons did most of his damage in the opening half (when he scored 12 of his 16 points), while Jayson Tatum turned it on after intermission.

It was fine against the 76ers, and they have done it against even better teams, but the Celtics know they are leaving too much to be desired on the court when they put themselves in these far too hard conditions.

Tatum benefits from being backed up by two All-Stars in the exceptional Kyrie Irving and veteran big man Al Horford, something Simmons is unable to rely upon.

Boston’s defense is night and day compared to what the Cavaliers are. “I’m still learning, but I’m a lot more confident and comfortable”. Both these games should be locks for both host teams, but if there is an upset looming I would probably go with the Falcons getting by the Eagles, if only because quarterback Carson Wentz, who was having an MVP year for Philly, will not be doing the signal calling following a season-ending injury.

“I don’t think it was the rhythm, I just wasn’t finding my spots”.


Nothing worked, but then the Celtics were jolted into life by Jaylen Brown.

NBA star ready for Boston Celtics challenge