South Carolina unemployment rate drops slightly in June

The rate was 5.0 percent in June of 2014.


The rate – which measures the number of people who are actively seeking work but unemployed – fell to 4.9 percent from 5.1 in May.

After June’s numbers were released, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said the state’s economy is on the move thanks to hard-working Hoosiers and businesses both large and small. It marked a 0.2 percent decline from May and the third month in a row where the jobless rate has fallen significantly.

Allendale County had the highest unemployment rate in June, at 11.5 percent. Total employment in the state has increased every month for more than five years.

The number of people in the workforce without jobs in June dropped by about 4,400 to 148,757, compared with May. That compares with a rate of 6.6 percent in May. The labor force has grown by 76,198 people over the last twelve months.

In Chester County, the workforce increased to 14,016 from 13,698, a 2 percent gain, while percentage of employed rose 3 percent, to 12,815 from 12,415. The losses were led by declines in the trade, transportation and utilities sector and private educational and health services.


Steven J. Braun, commissioner of the state Department of Workforce Development, chalked up the improved jobs performance to Indiana employers adding 66,000 jobs to the labor force since January 2013.