Sports Bra With Intel Curie Chip Revolutionses Sportswear By Responding To

When the garment senses adrenaline, the dress’s framework mimics the fight-or-flight mode and extends the wearer’s sensory system to form an imposing shape.


The bra’s dynamics are akin to the chameleon’s changing of skin color when hunted or the skunk’s production of a bad odor when chased.

“I expect clothing to do work, it should respond to the body”, declared Becca McCharen, creator of the revolutionary top, who also has a background in architectural design. The garment reacts to changes in body chemistry, adapting its shape just like the quills of a porcupine become erect when the animal feels under attack. “Right now there are a lot of barriers to fashion technology”.

Carefully placed within the bra’s band are vents which open and close, regulating body temperature and preventing excessive sweating. Its creators are determined to advance it further. She tells Mashable, ” Wires and batteries are not soft and flexible.

The second item of clothing showing off the Intel Curie’s functionality was the Adrenaline Dress, a dress designed to be worn out at night that features 3D-printed panels and a fibre-link framework that expands as the wearer’s adrenaline rises in an attempt to increase the wearer’s personal space – something that could certainly be handy in some Irish nightclubs.

Chipzilla’s latest move into wearable tech embraces fashion, with a partnership that sees the company jumping into bed with sportswear brand Chromat.

Joshua Walden, Intel’s senior vice president, is positive that his company will continue to push boundaries, turning what were once impossible dreams into realities. Chromat states, “the Intel powered garments, along with the full collection of swim, sportswear and footwear, illustrate the potential of future integrations of fashion and technology”. It’s only up to the imagination of the individual.


The bra is now the talk of Hollywood. She has been a designer to Beyoncé, FKA Twigs and Madonna, Mashable reported.

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