Star Trek Into Darkness: Sci-Fi Thriller to the Core

If you love to watch science fiction in motion, you are in luck as the 12th version of Star Trek, and in reality a sequel to the 2009 Star Trek made by J J Abrams has been released on 15th of May, 2013. The 2009 reboot of Star Trek took the plot into a new generation and was highly successful. The movie has been directed by J. J. Abrams and written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. The main characters in the movie have been played by Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, and Zachary Quinto.


The movie is all about USS Enterprise and its mission to save planet earth from threats emanating from different parts of the universe. In this movie, USS Enterprise is on a mission of manhunt for John Harrison, who is believed to be the mastermind behind bomb attack on Starfleet’s San Francisco headquarters. The mission takes Captain Kirk and his crew to Kronos where they are surprised to learn the real truth about John Harrison. The saviors of the earth become involved in yet another intense and climactic struggle to save humanity from near extinction.

Star Trek Into DarknessJohn Harrison is in fact Khan, a genetically engineered human who has been waken up from his 200 year cryosleep by Marcus to develop weapons for his army in his war against the Klingon Empire. Admiral Marcus intercepts ESS Enterprise and demands captain Kirk to hand over John Harrison alias Khan but he refuses. Marcus attacks Enterprise and damages it badly. Khan manages to get inside Vengeance and kills Marcus. A lot of fighting and actions scenes ensue with Captain Kirk finally overcoming resistance posed by Khan with the help of his crew. Khan is sent back into his cryosleep and USS Enterprise begins its new 5 year mission.

The movie is a true sci-fi thriller as it keeps the audiences glued to their seats, not allowing them to think what is going to happen next. It is full of action packed scenes and thrilling sequences that make the movie so very special. Star Trek into Darkness is sleek and stylish. However, the deliberate attempt by the director to remind the viewers about the rich heritage of the movie and its connections with the original Star Trek TV series at times looks boring and annoying.


Star_Trek_Into_DarknessThere is also the manner in which the plot has been handled that leaves a lot to be desired. What seems like a clear cut case of a super villain in the form of John Harrison turns into a mysterious plot over plot that viewers are unable to digest. Nonetheless, the stunts and the visual effects, even though there is a lot of use of animation, are superb to say the least and make the viewer’s experience enriching and impressive to say the least.