“Star Wars 7” Not To Use Digital

star-wars-episode-7-movie-posterFor those hoping to see “Star Wars 7” in Digital, well, you can’t! This is because J.J. Abrams, the director behind the new film from Disney, has decided that he is going to shoot the film without using digital. This has been the trend for many films and to shoot it in the same style of the older “Star Wars” films is pure genius. Many of the fans have already voiced their opinions on what a good move this will be. Although the film is going to be starting to film next year, the wait is killing everyone.


As a way to keep with the film and to have 100% of his time dedicated to the film, Abrams is taking a year vacation to London to be close to filming. There have been many rumors of the film. They state that the main characters of “Star Wars 7” will be Solo Organs – twins Jacen and Jane. Together, they learn the Force and train to become Jedi like Uncle Luke Skywalker. Like Darth Vader, Jacen struggles to fight the dark side. Jane is the one who can save him and bring him back.

The premise is the same, but we get to see the return of Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher as their characters. John Williams is back to score the film and many are happy that the film is getting back all the important parts that people fell in love with the franchise with. So far, the film has a release date of 2015. Unfortunately for “Star Wars” fans, that is a little bit longer to have to wait than they want, but it is important to make sure that everything is going to be done correctly. If they rush thestar-wars-episode-7_0movie, it is going to turn out as one of the worst films to be made. This simply cannot happen. Clebrity Insider


Fans the world over are excited to know what happened after the sixth part and there have been many theories as to what happened exactly. Fans now have the chance to see what happened and see old friends reunited. In the end, you can’t please everyone and the film is going to have to show the film in any format they feel that is needed. However, with this move to Film, Abrams is showing audiences that he is not a beginner at getting their attention. Hopefully many can relate to what he is trying to do.