Storm Chaser Dies Chasing Oklahoma Tornado

The man who was a storm chaser, and spent 30 years of his life studying tornadoes, died chasing Oklahoma tornado last Friday along with his son and colleague. The three men, Tim Samaras, his son Paul Samaras, and Carl Young, were all storm chasers and died when they were swept by a powerful F-3 tornado in El Reno near Oklahoma City. The Friday storms took 9 lives altogether including a mother and her baby. Tim Samaras was the star of the ongoing TV series Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel. The channel has been saddened and shocked by the sudden demise of Tim Samaras, his son, and his colleague and has decided to dedicate the primetime show on the Oklahoma disaster to be aired on Sunday to the memory of the great man Tim Samaras. The series ran for 5 years on Discovery Channel and ended last November.


Storm Chaser Dies Chasing Oklahoma TornadoThe manner in which Tim samaras studied the tornadoes put him in danger of someday getting swept aside by a powerful tornado or storm, and this is what exactly happened on the fateful Sunday when F-3 ripped apart Oklahoma City. The man stood in the way of the tornados along with his study equipment to measure the speed and of the winds and the pressure of the storms to get detailed knowledge about the behavior of the storms to educate people about these natural disasters. To put themselves in the way of the tornadoes and storms to save others by way of spreading knowledge about their behavior was a noble yet dangerous act that Tim Samaras took part in for more than 30 years of his life.

There was a video camera fitted to a Chevrolet that Tim Samaras and his team were using. But it probably got swept away when the tornado hit the team. It is being hopped that the camera can be somehow re covered to know exactly what happened during the last moments when the team was working on that fateful dayu in Oklahoma City.

The weather and science community in general has been stunned by the sudden death of the brilliant researcher andStorm Chaser scientist that Tim was. He was considered a leader when it came to storms and tornadoes and the fact that he was associated with The Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Channel, Boeing, and the Federal Government confirm this fact. The father son duo and his team starred in three seasons of the Storm Chasers on The Discovery Channel before the show was cancelled in 2012.

Tim’s brother Jim told news reporters that his brother Tim was a lover of nature and had a passion to study storms and tornadoes. He developed a love for the tornadoes when he was just 6 years old. When Tim grew up, he started chasing storms but it was not just for thrill but for the service of science and the mankind.

What surprised everyone was the fact that of all the people, it was Tim who died because of a tornado as he was considered the safest of all storm chasers.